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I post a variety of content – not just book reviews! A lot of this content is kindly provided by authors and publishers. Below is a list of things that I am happy to do. I’m always happy to do these things, so give me a shout and I’ll work with you!

Sponsored/gifted content: If you’re a brand who would like to sponsor a post or send a product in exchange for publicity or a review, please get in touch via email. I’ll only accept sponsorships/gifted items that I truly love and think my readers will love too. This also includes experiences such as invites to events.

Author interviews: I often interview authors that I am interested in or whose books I enjoy. Interviews are best to be conducted via email. If you’d like to be interviewed, I’ll need a couple of days at the most to think of the best questions! Note: Please ensure I’ve read one of your book before. I find it hard to ask questions to an author who is completely unfamiliar to me.

Giveaways: If I’m supplied with a book or an item to give away by an author or a publisher, I will be happy to collaborate. I can organise the details with you (for example, whether the giveaway is hosted via Rafflecopter, Twitter or via my blog itself, such as commenting on a post for a chance to win). I will also occasionally run a giveaway for an ARC that I have read and would like to pass on. As mentioned above, I will never do this without the permission of the author or publisher first.

Blog tours: I tend to only run blog tours through blog tour lists that I am already associated with. If you are organising your own blog tour and would like me to be involved, please let me know and I will follow the same guidelines as I stated in my review policy.

Cover reveals: I enjoy hosting cover reveals as they are quick to write and fun to take part in! If you’d like me to take part in a cover reveal for your book please don’t hesitate to ask and I will almost always get involved. Note: If possible, I would like to see the cover before accepting your request to take part in the cover reveal. Cover reveals can be done on my blog, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Guest posts: I will accept guest posts from both authors and other bloggers. If you are a fellow blogger who would like a blog post written for you in return, please get in touch and we can organise this. Please do not request a guest post for SEO purposes only! See my submissions page for more details.

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